List of equipment needed to make a professional movie

List of equipment needed to make a professional Movie

While it is possible to use any camera you lay your hands on to make a movie, for it to be professional and up to industry standard, you need more than just a camera. Making a professional movie is usually complicated, hectic and time consuming. Therefore, to make things easier, you need to be more organized. Knowing all the aspects of film making is key to keeping you organized, but most importantly, you should be properly equipped.

What equipment do you need to make a film?

Typically, movie making is divided into three basic stages, which are pre-production, production and post-production. Now let’s take a look at the equipment needed for each stage.


1 – Screenwriting Software

In order to make your screenplay standard, you need a screenwriting software, as it helps you stay organized. There are much screenwriting software out there, and the ones that are widely used include: Movie Magic Screenwriter, Final Draft Script Writing software, and Celtx Script writing software, amongst others.

2- Storyboard Maker

Storyboarding cannot be overlooked in film making, as it helps in pre-visualizing your shots/scenes, making you have an idea of how it will turn out visually. There are lots of classy storyboarding software out there that gets the job done for you, and one of the mostly used is Toonboom.

3 – Location Scouting Sheet

For a classic movie, there will surely be many locations, and to keep things organized, you need a location scouting sheet. With a location scouting sheet, you will be able to easily take notes of the locations and any challenges that comes with shooting a scene there.


List of equipment needed to make a professional Movie
List of equipment needed for producing a movie – Film Producer Education

1 – Camera

In filmmaking, all other items are useless without a camera. The quality of your movie depends hugely on the type of camera you use, so endeavor to get the right camera type for your movie.
Surely, your choice of camera depends on how much you can afford and also the type of movie you are planning to make. If you are a beginner on a budget, then the Panasonic G7 is ideal.
However, you should consider going for camcorders if you are shooting documentaries, events or news. For a bigger project, you should go for the Canon C100 and other cinema cameras since they are more advanced and have classic features.

2 – Camera Equipment

You would need the following camera equipment:


– Go for lenses that best fits your requirements

Lens Hood

– To ensure that light doesn’t get to the front lens, and also to produce richer colors, you will need a lens hood.


– With a durable tripod, you will make a non-shaky and steady video.

Fast Memory Cards

– You will need a big size memory card, and also one that has fast read/write speed.


– They are great for portability and handheld filming.

3 – Sound Equipment

Having a great video with bad audio sucks. Sound is like a soul to any movie and shouldn’t be ignored. For you to get a great audio, get a separate microphone, as the one in your camera won’t give you better quality when compared to a separate microphone. One of the most affordable way to get quality sound is through the use of Lavalier (‘lav’) microphones, which clip onto clothes.
Alternatively, you can use a directional microphone on a boom pole.

4 – Film Lights

With creative use of lights, you can tell a lot about your story and let your audience connect better with your movie. Each scene has  the type of lighting that is ideal, and with different modifiers, you can also adjust certain lights.

5 – Light Meter

When taking a shot and there is need to adjust light exposure, light meter is mostly used in measuring the light intensity.

6 – Jib

Useful in taking overhead shots, a jib makes it possible for the camera to be moved horizontally and also vertically.

7 – Dolly

Dolly, a wheeled cart, is used to take smooth horizontal shots by placing the camera and the cameraman over it.

8 – Slider

This equipment holds only the camera, and it is used to take smooth horizontal shots with the help of an automated sliding movement.

9 – Clapperboard

Its use is for harmonizing the audio and video taken in a double system.

10 – Make up Kit

Just as the name implies, a makeup kit consists of make-up items required for the film.

11 – Documents

It is important to always track your shooting progress and take note of how it is going on.


There are various software to use for post-production, and they include:

1 – Editing Software

This is necessary as it is used in editing all rushes and gives the film its final structure. Ideal editing software are Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premier Pro.

2 – Visual Effects and Color correction Software

Adobe After Effects is widely used as a color correction and also visual effects software. It makes the rushes look more professional and beautiful.

3 – Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Avid Pro Tools, which is used to lay, edit and mix audio tracks, is the most used DAW.