Film producer salary

Film Producer Salary

In the starting, producers make little, if anything at all. That is, unless the movie creates cash. But even then, back end deals are limited and nowhere near as nice as they used to be.

Film Producer Salary
Wall Street — Carl Fox: “Money’s only something you need in case you don’t die tomorrow.”

As stated by the U.S. Department of Labor, the common yearly earnings for a producer is $68,440. Some producers make huge amount of money a season. Because $68,000 is regular, it naturally follows that there are other producers out there creating diddly-squat.

The best things that a manufacturer can do to generate earnings are to do several films a season. While traumatic, it’s definitely possible. Many producers will hook traders with three or four tasks and begin pre-production on all of them almost at the same time.

Ultimately, a producer’s power (and therefore his paycheck) depends on how successful his last movie was. If you could make all of your traders money—and lots of it—then those profits will outflow down to you as well.

Average Producer On per hour basis Salary in the U. s. States

Producers generate an average hourly wage of $32.91. On per hour basis wages generally begin from $15.28 and go up to $87.40.

Average Producer Yearly Salary in the U. s. States

Producers generate an average earnings of $68,440 per season. Earnings generally begin from $31,780 and go up to $181,780.

National Pay Figures

As of 2011, the common earnings of producers and administrators operating in the U. s. Declares was $92,220 per season. While a few producers operating on big-budget films and TV reveals could make hundreds of lots of dollar per season, this is not true of most producers. According to the BLS, the lowest-earning or half of producers and administrators revealed yearly incomes of $70,660 or less, and the lowest-paid 10 % made $32,010 or less yearly.

Industry film producer salary breakdown

Most movie producers are applied the film and video market. As of 2011, they gained the most, and generally an annual earnings of $115,920. Independent producers and administrators revealed normal yearly earnings of $111,590. Film producers in the TV and stereo market revealed annual earnings of $69,540, according to the BLS. Those used by cable and registration programming networks gained around $89,930 per season during the same period.

Pay by Location

As of 2011, the maximum salary for producers by condition was revealed in Florida, around $128,790 a season. New York rated second, with a worth of $112,000 a season. Other high-paying states for this profession include Hawaii, the District of Mexico, and Burglary. The highest-paying urban place was the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale place of Florida, with a revealed regular earnings of $139,770. Montana revealed the cheapest which is of any condition, $38,680.